‘’Chicz – Feminine, stylish, chic and a bit different.’’

CHICZ was founded by women, for women! CHICZ refers to chic and is a beauty and lifestyle webshop with feminine, stylish and chic items at one place. With a wide range of beauty, accessories, jewelry, bags and home & work, Chicz is the number one place for all your beautiful, feminine and affordable gifts.

At CHICZ we pay attention to both the little and the big things in life, because we believe that everything counts when it comes to happiness. We think it is important that everyone can express themselves and their feelings. Finding yourself and your own style and voice is one of the main things in life. With unique and different pieces we want to encourage women to find and show their own style. But that’s not all…

Besides beautiful products, we also care about inner beauty at CHICZ. The founder of CHICZ, has a medical background. With her experience and knowledge she wants to offer valuable lifestyle and health advice and tips by the beginning of summer 2019.