CHICZ Summer Morning Self Care Routine

We are all about nourishing our mind, body and soul in the morning! Having a self care routine in the morning sets you up for a better day. You will feel more energized, happy and productive throughout the day! In this post we share our Summer Morning Self Care Routine: 

Wake up early
Most people are in a rush in the morning because they have to leave for work or school. In this way you start your day stressed and that’s not what we want. So, first of all: set your alarm an hour earlier. It may feel hard the first couple of days but you will get used to it. 

Morning pages
Start your day with a glass of water and some morning pages. Write down your intentions for the day and write down 3 things you’re grateful for. In this way you start your day with positive energy and gratitude!

After your morning pages it’s time for a meditation practice. Find a quiet place in your room and sit down and let your thoughts go. You can use an app like Headspace for guided meditations if you like. If you’re not into meditation yet, you can start with a 5 minute practice and build it up every day. Meditation helps you to clear your mind and release stress.  

Yoga or stretching
Now it is time to loosen your muscles after a full night of sleep. Our favorite way to move our body in the morning is with yoga. Yoga is also great for the mind, so that’s a win-win! If you’re not into yoga, you can also do some regular stretching. Just make sure to keep it calm and gentle! You can find a lot of stretching and yoga classes on YouTube. TIP: Do your yoga or stretching in nature! Fresh air is also really great and refreshing in the morning. 

Body care
After clearing your mind and stretching your body it’s time for your body care routine! Take a nice shower or bath and use your favorite body wash, shampoo and other shower products. After your shower it’s time to hydrate the body! Use some nice body butter and facial creme. Use the CHICZ  rose quarz beauty roller to give your skin an energy boost. Brush your teeth, do your hair and make-up, pick out a cute outfit and you’re ready for a brand new day!

Healthy breakfast
Finally it is time to energize your body with a healthy breakfast! Our favorite summer breaky’s? Smoothie bowls, nice cream, healthy pancakes and yoghurt parfaits. 

Start slow, be present
The most important thing is that you keep it slow in the morning. Do the things that give you energy and happy feelings in the morning. We from CHICZ wish you an amazing summer!

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