How to style: Scarves

The scarf is a must have accessory! You can use a scarf to keep you warm in winter but you can also use a scarf to give your outfit an extra touch in summer. In this post we tell you how to style: scarves!

Hair accessory 
Use your scarf as a hair accessory! For example: you can make a half top knot or a ponytail with an elastic band and a scarf. You can also use your scarf as a bandana. Or use your scarf to make a full head wrap. The options are endless! Our favorite scarves to use as a hair accessory? The Delicate Art Silk Flower Arrangement Rose and the Grand Art Silk Foulard Floral Salmon Pink!

Bag accessory
You can also use scarves as bag accessories! Tie a scarf on the handle of your purse and you have unique and stylish piece! Our favorite scarf to use as a bag accessory? The Grand Foulard Art Silk Abstract Red.

Another way to use your scarf is to use it as a belt! This is the perfect way to wear your scarf in summer. A scarf belt looks good in combination with denim shorts and a white top for example. Make sure that you use a long scarf so you have enough length to wrap it around your hips or waist. You can use the Oversized Art Silk Scarf Big Flower Painting Porcelain White for example!

Use your scarf as a top! If you have a big scarf you can easily wrap it around your body as a (crop) top. Perfect for a day at the beach! Combine your scarf top with your favorite skirt or shorts and you are good to go. A great scarf to wear as a top is the Grand Art Silk Foulard Vintage Flower Pearl Grey!

Besides wearing your scarf as a top, you can also wear a scarf as a skirt! Wrap the skirt around your hips and combine it with a nice top. Just make sure that your scarf is long enough! Our favorite? The Ginger Yellow Floral Natural Wool Scarf.

We hope that we gave you some inspiration on how to style scarves. Have fun styling your scarves! 

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