Back to School and Work

Back to school and work season has officially started, which means it is time to get your planning skills on point again. Having a good schedule and planning makes you more productive and gives you more peace throughout the day. In this post we share our favorite planning tips with you:

The essentials
A good planning and schedule starts with the right tools. These are the essentials you need for your planning and schedule: 

Sunday is planning day!
Now that you have all the essentials, it is time to fill in your planner or agenda and notebook! We recommend to plan an hour every Sunday to fill in your planner. In this way you start your new week with an organized and clear mind. Write down all your appointments and to do’s. Do this for your work / school life but also for your personal life. Oh and don’t forget to plan some me-time! This is also really important to stay productive and happy. 

Practical planning tips 

Batch tasks
Working in batches really help you to be more productive and get more things done in less time. So for example, plan your morning for all your writing work and your afternoon for all your photography work or administration. 

Plan little breaks 
A lot of people tend to forget to plan little breaks throughout the day. And little breaks are so important for your productivity! So, set an alarm every hour or every 1,5 hour, whatever works for you, and take a 5 minute break. Go for a little walk, grab a cup of coffee in your favorite coffee mug or listen to some music.  

Plan 1 hour a day for unforeseen things 
There always come unforeseen things on your path on a day to day base. Maybe you got an email from a co-worker with an urgent task. Or maybe something went wrong and you have to fix it immediately. That’s why it is helpful to plan 1 hour every day for unforeseen things. In this way you are still able to do all the things on your to do list but you’re also flexible to do the things you have not calculated. 

Time management
Do you find it hard to make a realistic schedule? Then time management is the answer! Set an timer for all the tasks you do and do this for one whole week. Maybe you thought you needed one hour to get ready in the morning, but in reality it takes you two hours. Collect all the information and you’re ready to make a realistic and achievable schedule!

We you all the best back at school and work. You can do it, we believe in you. Good luck!

With Love and Care,