Motherhood Experience of Gwyn

Gwyn shares what motherhood means to her.

I do not experience motherhood as a big challenge. The most natural thing I do is taking care of my little child. It doesn’t feel like an obligation. It feels like an enlightenment that started when my son was born, now already two and a half years ago. In the one and a half year of motherhood everything was on-hold in my life. It was just him and me. What did I enjoy this period of motherhood! Since one year I have resumed my work. Strangely enough, I was less worried about my new work tasks and whether I would be successful enough. My concerns were about letting my little man go and what obstacles and challenges he would face.

I raise a person, who is still standing at the very beginning of his life. There are doubts and there will always be doubts whether I fulfill that very responsible task properly. After all, it is the most important task in my life, which I fulfill with all dedication. I stay close to myself and I can already see that in the character of my son. The baby-phase is now over and the toddler-phase is in full swing. There will be many more phases in which I have to switch in the way of dealing with my little child. My life is not built around his life. His life and my life are intertwined and together we grow, learn and enjoy.

Love, Gwyn